Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Determining Factor For The Relationship

A while ago I had a discussion with someone about how a man determines whether he's going to be with a woman longterm or not. That person told me that sex was the determining factor. He said that even if a man has sex with a woman on the first night it can determine whether he wants to continue seeing her. At first I was caught off guard by it. I was curious as to why the final decision of how the relationship was based on sex.

There's other aspects to a relationship. There's common interests to look at. If two people have nothing in common sex wouldn't even be part of the equation. There's emotional stability to look at. If a person is suicidal that should be the final determining fact on whether anyone can get into a relationship with them. There's that instant connection. As soon as some people meet each other they have that cupid's arrow feeling. It doesn't matter if one person is a vegan and the other person only eats steak. Once they're drawn together they are inseparable. As I thought about it I realized his point of view because women do it too. We use sex as a determining factor.  However, while men judge us by how good the sex is, we're using different methods.

One way we use sex is for that great feeling. Some women don't care about the actual relationship. They're just  looking to see how big a man is and if he can work with what he's got. If they like having sex with the man they might go back to him for more. They might also have sex with another man just to see who's better. They're the bad girls.

Another way we use sex to determine a relationship is with time. I say time because there are many of us women that don't want to come off as easy so we give a time period. So it's not really the sex. We just use sex to determine how a man really feels about us. For example Royce Reed  of Basketball Wives is the wildest girl on the show, but she made her man wait 6 months before she had sex with him. She was horny the whole time, but she did it because if a man can wait to have sex he's not there just for the sex. Time tells or at least to us it does.

The biggest way we use sex to determine the outcome of our relationship is our wedding night. If a man can wait until he marries us to have sex with us then we know he loves us. We also know that we have him for life (if that's what we want).

Well in all honesty we don't use sex as the final determining factor. We stall sex to get to know men more and get more comfortable with men. I hope you enjoyed this. More sexual intellectual tips coming soon.

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