Saturday, June 7, 2014

Grindin My Whole Life (Poem)

The following is a poem I wrote a day ago after listening to the song  Grindin' My Whole Life too much. The recording is practice for bigger and better things to come. Some words may have been added in the recording. Enjoy!

I’ve been grindin my whole life nigga
From aiming for the highest grades
To checkin’ in for a check nigga
Most of my realest niggas got life nigga
Eight hours a day
Hustlin so many days straight
As the minutes and hours blend together
Time seems to fade away
How’s life been?
Whatchu up to today?
The better we get with consistency
The more the answers tend to stay the same

Either get your grind on
Or get your crime on nigga
Billionaires got the game on lock
While the rest of us…
We just watch
Hustlin’ to keep the lights on
Or to get our Real Housewives of Atlanta on
As the stress builds
We know what’s right no more
As the checks comes
We care what’s wrong no more

When I talk don’t speak nigga
Don’t you be all in your feelings with it
Cause we’re both victims of society
Already signed your life to the 9-5
One of us gotta be the boss
And for me, maybe you’ll commit the crime
Don’t take it personal
Just a casualty of life nigga

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