Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#TwitterTales The HBCU Confessions Page

When you're a proud alum of a historically black college or university, the last thing you want to see is your college being talked about in a negative light. However, negativity is what keeps Twitter, USA alive and black universities got sucked into the drama recently after the @HBCUfessions twitter page was created.

There are currently over 300 tweets and most talk about women at HBCU's being THOTs. Some talk about men being the heauxs they are. A few speak respectfully of their schools. However, the majority of them are not how any of us would want to see our schools represented. Then again, I could be exaggerated. 

I did screenshots of several tweets. Read them and form an opinion. #HamptonU #TheRealHU is the very first tweet, so we can assume the person who operates the page went there. 

If you are entertained, there are more pictures just for you. 

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