Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pastor Mason Betha's Latest Message To Us All

Pastor Mason Betha likes a woman that needs a nigga for nothing. Yeah, you read right. In his new song Nothing Mase raps about wanting a woman who knows how to spend cash, parties a lot, and doesn't need him. I think he even goes as far to make a strip club reference.

For a while Rapper Mase has been straddling the line that separates the church from the popular secular music he once made. But in the past year he's been in the media a lot. He's been doing interviews, getting back in the studio, and reconciling with different artists. However, what we have heard most is that he just got divorced from his wife. This has been a big deal because he and he wife were promoting being in a healthy happy relationship to their congregation. They can no longer do that anymore and maybe that is why everyone's favorite cute dimpled pastor has hopped all the way back on the secular train.

My thoughts on Nothing: The beat is hot, but like every other song on the radio the lyrics make no sense. Every man wants to be needed.

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