Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spend The Night (Poem)

Never Gonna Spend The Night
As you leave hickeys on my neck
Trying to convince me this is meant to be
Started with some private messages
Explicit pictures to set the mood
Some dirty talk to hint for more
I can give you something like super head
Or start off innocent if that's what you like
While ignoring those pictures of you and her
That has nothing to do with us
See our words aren't supposed to leave the internet
Not supposed to turn into anything more
Oh but you meant it
Sex with you can change my world?
I was intrigued enough to fall for it
But now we're here
No you can't continue to lay in my bed
We can't cuddle
And can't fall asleep in each others arms
You can't be here when morning comes
Because this was never about love

Dave Hollister's new song Spend The Night reminds me of the guy that is trying to have a one-night stand, but the pussy is too bomb for him to hit it and quit it. So he looks for reasons to have sex with her some more and spend more time with her. As you can see I even wrote a poem about it. Don't judge my recording too harshly. This is just for practice.

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