Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#PreachersOfLA Kirk Franklin Does Not Approve, Do You Care?

If you didn't know, Preachers of LA is coming back for a second season. Every pastor from the first season will be on the show again. Although each pastor had his spotlight on the first season, it was clear that the show was all about Deitrick Haddon.

Before the show premiered Haddon had made several decisions in his life that were not approved by the bible people in his church. The first incident may have been his getting a divorce. Then he got his then girlfriend pregnant. Yeah, this young pastor was having sex before marriage. At some point he stepped away from the pulpit because of all the judgement, but on the show he was finding himself again. He was learning to accept himself, showing his love for the woman in his life, and making everything right with his family. Plus Deitrick needed to gain a better understanding of his position and  some of the other pastors were there to help. Now Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney, and Bishop Ron Gibson will be returning to a WeTV channel near you.

Not everyone is happy about this. Recently Kirk Franklin spoke with everyone's favorite black woman hater, D.L. Hughley, about his feelings on the show. Kirk Franklin is disappointed in the show and does not support what is going on. D.L. Hughley also had some words of his own. He called Deitrick a thug and stated the show drags people away from God. That doesn't matter though.

During my early college years I remember going to the parties. There would be T. Pain, Juvenile, and a whole of other artists who rapping and singing about sexual stuff. Then in the midst of it all a Kirk Franklin and a Mary Mary song would get thrown in the midst. You remember those days. Does his opinion about the show matter to you?

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