Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is Sheer Clothing The Next Fashion Trend?

A new style might be creeping up on us and it involves leaving very little to the imagination. How would you react if you were in public and a woman walked by with her breasts exposed? But she is dressed. Her shirt just happens to show everything underneath it. There is no bra covering them. They are shining like diamonds through that sheer shirt.

Rihanna almost broke Instagram recently when she wore a see-through dress that bared all.

Her own Instagram had previously been removed for inappropriate pictures. Yeah, someone reported Rih Rih and Instagram took care of it. However, Sunday night she got payback after her breasts took over most of the pages on the app. Everyone that knew how to do a screen-shot/save a photo to their computer took the time out to post her bare nipples on their pages. This wasn't her first time exposing all to the public though. She has been letting every physical part of herself flow freely for everyone to see a whole lot lately. Just google the pictures.

Kendall Jenner, one of those Kardhashian/Jenner children being pimped by Kris Jenner, also waked down a runway earlier this year wearing a see-through top. With no bra present, she was basically only wearing her courage. Kendall just turned 18 last November.

Would you wear this if it became a trend? I might be crazy enough to try it. My breasts are still perky. My ass is not an apple bottom, but it wouldn't even matter in that see-through dress. I'd walk like I had butt implants or injections. No photos please.

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