Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(Official Video) Jennifer Hudson~ Walk It Out

"I know you want to take me to your room, and I wanna go your way." Jennifer Hudson is singing in her new song Walk It Out, but she's taking it to the next level in the music video. 

J-Hud is dressed to impress. That hair is styled to the Gods. Her outfit is on point, showing off just enough skin to let us know she has the figure that we all want to have. It's not exactly a love song, so the music video isn't either. 

J-Hud puts on some cut clothes with a fly pair of sneakers and does a lot of walking while a bare chested man follows her in an attempt to get what he wants out of her. Of course Timbaland is in the video leading the flirtatiousness off with, "And if I inconvenience you, you can have your way." Watch below. 

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