Monday, June 9, 2014

When A Woman Loves A Man

When a man wants to play a joke, he'll go as far as marrying a woman. When a woman loves a man and he's taking too long with the next step, she'll propose to him.

Over the weekend Iyana's Fix My Life episode reached new levels. A woman and her preacher husband was featured. Their kids were already grown, so the kids did not need protecting from anything. However, the woman admitted that she married at a young age and never really found herself. She was neither independent nor sure of what she wants of life. She was asking Iyanla to help her find herself, but problem in the way of it all was her husband.

The husband was a pathetic man. He asked his wife to marry him many years ago, but admitted to cheating on her 30 days after they took the vows. He also admitted that asking for her hand in marriage was a joke that she took seriously, he had a porn addiction, and didn't even want to be with her anymore. In fact he had given her the wedding ring some time ago, but she held onto it.

The wife was so dedicated to their marriage that she kept her ring on her finger and his hanging around her neck. She was doing the most to keep from falling apart on the outside. So you already know how this went. In the end she asked they he give the 20 years that he'd spent with her back by getting completely out of her life. Who could disagree with that?

On the other hand some man must have been taking too long to pop the question, so his girlfriend did it.  She got down on one knee, he accepted, and she slid a ring on his finger. I honestly believe we women are filled with so much love and such a huge need for affection, we'll go through any lengths to get that affection. Men, on the other hand, usually wake up with their anatomy on hard and probably unintentionally get hard during the most awkward moments. Their minds are filled with sex, but if they can get pass that and make an emotional connection to a woman it means so much more. Now if a man can admit that he's so in love with a woman that he'll ask her to marry her then he becomes worth keeping.

I'm struggling these days with men. A lot of them will say I'm pretty or they like me, but none are taking steps to make me feel special. It's been a minute since I've been taken out on a date. A few have said how they'd love to take me out, but none have made any plans. My battle is making the plans for them, but as a woman I know taking action will create a convenience for that specific man. Letting him take action will be the way of knowing he really likes me.

Then again I'm single and could be wrong. What do you think? I've read some opinions on women proposing already. How far is too far for a woman? When does it be emasculating for the man? Planning the date? Calling him more than he calls me? Inviting myself to his house instead of letting him make the moves to come see me? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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