Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#MarriageBootcampRealityStars When A Man Has No Choice But To Listen

"It's the exact opposite from our relationship." "She wears the shoes, she wears the pants, probably got a bigger dick than Clive."- one of the other men

That moment when you wonder how two people ever managed to walk down the aisle and exchange vowels…If you're not watching Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars, you're missing out on the worst kind of marriage. Seriously, some of these couples are on their worst behavior and all you can do is stare. Yeah, I'm referring to Tanisha Thomas and Clive Muir.

Tanisha and Clive has been married for about two years now, but they're happy union didn't last long at all. Although they technically separated a year ago, divorce papers were never signed. For some reason they wanted to work through their issues and WeTV came them a spotlight to do just that.

So there are five couples, but it's hard to pay attention to everyone else with Tanisha and Clive in the room. In the first episode Clive insults her weave by saying she has long hair even though it came from a horse. He hints to everyone else that she may have cheated on him. Plus while all the other men are carrying suitcases, Clive throws a fit because he has to carry Tanisha's up the stairs. However, she uses every second to force control.
From the moment they are seen together, Tanisha takes time to start any argument. She yells at Clive for looking at other women in front of her, makes a huge scene during a fake press conference, and demeans him in front of everyone.

They give great television, but they also make you wonder why divorce papers haven't been signed.

You're probably wondering why I titled it "When A Man Has No Choice But To Listen." During the press conference Tanisha got so angry she told Clive to get up. He actually stood up with no hesitation. Maybe it was the scariness of her voice or maybe he just knew not to do the opposite in that moment, but he stood up. I like a man that listens.

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