Thursday, June 19, 2014

(Twitter World) The Story That Interrupted My "Strong Woman" Post

It's approximately 2 in the morning. Most of the city is sound asleep, but the world of twitter is wide awake. A brand new crazy story has gone viral across Black twitter and a 29 year old woman is in the middle of it.

Her twitter name is @DivaMonroe2UHoe. She's a self-professed sex expert and erotica writer. At least it says it in her twitter biography. Some would say she is the twitter version of Zane, except without the credentials. The guy involved in this story is @Dave_thaAsshole. This is just to help give you a perspective.

At some point the two talked privately in a phone conversation. While she's close to 30, he is just a broke college student. Somewhere in their conversation he asked if he could move in with her. She told him that he could, but she also told him that she would make him suck dick for rent. Either she wanted to make him into one of her heauxs or she thought saying it would make a great twitter story.

 I'm not sure who decided to feed the conversation to twitter, but both accounts are filled with lots of tweets regarding sucking dick and being real freaky. The guy claims he would never agree to something that crazy, but the woman is letting the world know that she is a heaux. She has told her followers that she lost count of her "bodies" a long time ago. She has admitted that she is a pimp (for twitter at least).

So I was going to write a "Strong Woman" post after reading Twenties Unscripted yesterday. Several different women detailed what they think makes a woman strong. The answers involved a woman being a role model to others, being able to face her problems, and not waiting on anyone to rescue her. However, this story on twitter became a distraction. In the midst of it I started to wonder whether she's a strong woman by taking it all in as some kind of joke on herself or is she crazy. I wanted to write a post on how a strong woman is a woman of many accomplishments, but maybe in all her freaky glory she fits the description.

Alida Nugent wrote in the Twenties Unscripted blog post, "A strong woman doesn’t always get the credit for being a strong woman.  Her actions are mostly ordinary and usual, but sometimes they require the bravery that gets no notice." 

Although sex talk gets a lot of attention, we don't usually see the woman that talks about it constantly as worthy of our admiration. So do you think the woman that continuously brags about her sexual missions can be labeled a strong woman? Or is the strong woman only the women working 40 hour work weeks,  and then catering to everyone else at the same time while trying to make time for herself? I'm curious.

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