Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Contemplating The Idea Of More Sex (With Him)

"Is we fucking or what?" Even if he didn't say those exact words, it was on his mind.

"Your house or mine?" I couldn't lie. The temptation was real. The history had been created. I already knew the sex could be amazing.

"Before or after work? When are you gonna let me hit? " He was serious. Sex was on his mind. It reminded me of one of my favorite 90's songs.

Oh, but there's one problem. My heart is yearning for more. Love, affection, thoughtless cuddling, dates, taking pictures so I know it's real, him being a gentleman. Am I asking for too much? Probably so.

"I understand." What does it mean when he says that? Any man? If you understand, why did you bring it up again? He doesn't really understand and that's okay too.

By the way, those questions have been asked to me by no man in that form. If a man did talk to me the way Plies raps, I'd have no choice but to laugh it off. However, the meaning behind it all is way too familiar.

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