Friday, May 3, 2013

When Actions Stopped Following Words...

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend. She had called me and before I could even say "Hello" she spit out all her issues. They revolved around a man. I didn't have the responses she really wanted (or maybe I did), but I was also distracted. I told her I would call her right back once she got out everything she needed to say. However, that didn't happen. I got caught up in my thoughts and hours passed before I realized my actions hadn't followed my words. It's been a couple days and that phone call back to her still hasn't happened. There are reasons.

While this is a rare occurrence for me, this friend does this constantly. She's not the only one. I had a friend several weeks ago text me that she would return my phone call after her church service was over. She's notorious for saying she'll return phone calls, call right back, etc. and not doing it. She's so notorious for it that she is not surprised that people don't believe her when she says it. That terrible.

About a month ago I asked a friend if she could do a favor for me. Someone else asked me to do something, but I felt like I couldn't totally handle the task alone. She agreed to do what I asked. I wouldn't have cared if she had said no. But she said yes. Two weeks ago I reminded her about it again. She again said she could do it, but the task still hasn't been accomplished. What has went wrong?

Everyone is so mothafuckin' busy these days. The older I get the more people become too busy. They are so busy being busy they can't even follow through with things they agree to. No one can hang out for 30 minutes, or a couple hours, because they're busy brainstorming about where that next dollar will come from. They can't talk on the phone for a couple minutes because if they're not with their significant other, they have too much work to do. They'll agree to take some time out for these things though.

When have actions stopped following words? In elementary we all took time out for each other. Our parents felt it was good for our growth as children. We'd be at each others parties if we thought of each other as friends. No amount of homework and no type of distance could stop us from following through as kids. We couldn't even drive as 10 year olds, but we were at each other's Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties. When did that desperation to be there for each other die down?

Sometimes I don't follow through with my words. I've forgotten to return a few phone calls. I've been too tired to make some personally needed phone calls during my days off. If I'm available, why do I not make myself available? Friends have asked me for favors, but when I realized I couldn't do them they were dropped. I forgot to let them know I couldn't do what they asked. My words became invalid. No meaning. No worth.

I don't want to be that girl that people think they cannot depend on. So with 24 hours in every day, how can I work to better fix the problem? How can I get dependable people around me. The title says "When Actions Stopped Following Words," but it's false advertisement. People will always look for your actions to follow what you said.

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