Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hit The Floor Pilot Episode Premiers

FYI- A pilot show is show done in an attempt to see how ratings will go before the network picks it all the way up.

Hit The Floor is a new series on Vh1 that stars Kimberly Elise. She is playing the mom of Asha (Taylor Page), a girl whose dream is to be just like a her mom. That is she wants to be a Los Angeles Devil girl. The Devil's is a dance squad more famous than the basketball team they're representing. Asha's mom wants her to work at a bank, but she wants to dance. Against her mom's rules, Asha goes to tryouts and dances her ass off. By the end of the episode she makes the team and her mom lets the coach of the basketball team know that's he is responsible for her now because he is her father. He never knew though. Damn..

I was nervous for this show during the first couple minutes. It started off weak and Kimberly Elise seemed to be playing the same role as usual. However, it became better. I'm routing for this show. What did you think? Does it have potential to last?

I think if Fashion Queens is still on television, nothing should be judged as a bad show.

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