Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sometimes I Just Want To...

Sometimes when I get off work I just want to fuck him.

I want to drive home to that sleeping man feeling horny as Hell and wake him the fuck up, but how I'm not sure.

Maybe I'll ring the doorbell and pretend to be a stranger in the middle of the night. That's how they do in white porn. Since it's usually the man visiting we'll switch roles.

Maybe I'll get in the house, be very quiet, and cuddle up against him in the bed. My skin against his skin should cause him to react in a passionate way.

But what if he doesn't wake up? Then I'll have to play rough. I'll do what I can to wake him up.
Shaking him until he opens his eyes
Begging until he says yes to the sex
Pulling off the covers and giving him head

Are my skills that good? Sometimes when I get off work I just want to fuck him. It's been along day. Love will take too much energy to conjure up, but fun sex will work. Then we can cuddle until we close our eyes tougher.

Am I asking for too much? Probably so since I don't have a man.

No one plays Mad Cobra's song Flex anymore. That's a classic.

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