Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guess What???? NYC Trip Coming Soon

My "Guess What" Face

That's right. I'm going to New York City towards the end of June. It's for the Blogging
While Brown Conference. This has been two years in the making (the conference, not exactly NYC). Two years ago a popular blogger did a money campaign for people to help him get to the conference and I knew then it must have been important.

June 21 and 22nd I'll find out just how important this conference is. My days of stay in NYC are from the 20 through the 23rd. That first night I'll explore some of Harlem for the first time ever. The thought of it is so exciting. The fact that I'll be going by myself is not even a worry. I've been to Las Angeles alone and had some experiences in Hawaii alone. The fear of creating new adventures without old friends or family is gone. Wait, this trip means more.

Did you know that I love photography? Well I do. During my visit to Honolulu, Hawaii I took almost 500 pictures. The Los Angeles trip may have been around 400 with the majority of them scenery (not me). This use to happen on a regular basis just around friends, but we moved on. I met people who did not like to be in front of the camera and they tried to change my habits. An old habit is still hard to break though.

 At the beginning of the year I bought a brand new camera. It has received very little action. I'm excited to see how many photos I can take with it's battery life. I'm excited to explore a new city and state. My body and mind have been craving this.

Making a living is good, but feeling alive is much better than going through the motions.

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