Friday, May 31, 2013

Short Hair, Don't Care- It's Been Three Years

Well it has actually been less than three years. The short hair journey started here.

There's a saying that long hair means a woman is extremely sexy. She's so hot that sex appeal oozes from her skin. That's why it makes sense that long hair is the American way. It can be found on every successful woman who covers a magazine. However, short hair has been known to demand respect. Short hair demands that everyone stop looking at every other part of your body and pay attention to your face. For a long time long hair made me feel very sex, but also offered something for me to hide behind. August of 2010 I finally got the courage to stop hiding between my once shoulder length straight hair and reveal myself to the world.

Hi world. It's been a long road full of struggles and achievements. Plus I still have short hair.

In 2011 I decided to stop getting perms and go natural. There was no transitioning. This girl doesn't have time for that. Instead, I big chopped. I was starting to feel that trapped feeling again. I needed to do something that would remind me that I'm still moving forward. What's better than chopping your hair off? So I made an appointment and watched the perm fall to the floor. My hair was super short. It didn't leave me feeling so strong afterwards. I had to grow into loving my new look. Once I started loving it the creative part came.

Color, Color, and more Color.

A few days ago I had my hair dyed red again. Red is a power color. Before that there was an attempt that left it sandy brown. Last year it was dyed twice. For some reason my confidence in doing everything else depends on how I feel about my hair. Currently I'm feeling great about what the future holds.

"Shawty, she a model. Her hair red."-- Young Dro

I'm going for the title of role model that is, but I'm not yet kid friendly. Check out more pictures below. I love pictures. Part of this blog is all about documenting my journey, so there will be more pictures of me in the future.

I can't wait to take pictures in New York City.

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