Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Preacher's Daughters Season Finale Recap And Lessons

The season finale of Preacher's Daughters has finally arrived. That came fast. Each daughter is progressing in a new direction and that is what this episode is all about. Kolby Koloff is trying to advance to a new stage in her relationship with her boyfriend. Taylor Coleman is turning 18. Olivia Perry is dealing with pressures of moving further into the church and finding out consequences of her former party life. The pressure for everyone is heavy. The lesson is about letting go and letting God.

"It's time for me to trust her. It's time for me to let my baby girl go."-- Pastor Ken Coleman

Pastor Coleman says this when talking about leaving Taylor's birthday party.

"What part of change your outfit did you not get? A little respect."-Pastor Victoria Koloff

Pastor Victoria says these words after being disappointed in Kolby's outfit for her first solo date. This outfit involved a cute skirt and a shirt that showed some of her stomach. Kolby did not change.

The struggles of the finale:
Taylor had a lot of fun at her party. Some of it was not church girl appropriate.

Kolby kissed her boyfriend and the pastor (mom) saw. Her mom was spying on her as she was getting back home. She also let her mom know that it was not her first kiss. Ooh, Kolby is hilarious. I knew that wild girl was somewhere inside her. Kolby also had to face her dad's opinion about her kiss.

Olivia was nervous her bad habits had caused problems with her son's health. She was also scared to get baptized.

The lessons:
The Koloff family sat at a dinner table and discussed everything going on. The sisters discussed tattoos and Kolby's kiss. It all went well in the end. Maybe opining up to parents about serious thoughts and experiences is a good thing.

Olivia Perry was baptized outside on a beautiful day. They live in California so that is some good ocean water. Before the baptism Olivia found out her son was healthy. Her previous bad habits had her worried. The lesson from this family is everyone grows in their own way.

Demotius is the name of the boy interested in dating Taylor. It was spelled out on the television. I never would have guessed that is how his name is spelled. He payed attention to Pastor Coleman's sermon and asked her father if he could take her on a date. Pastor Coleman agreed. Everyone was shocked. The lesson is trust has to happen eventually.

I hope there is a season two with new families, new story lines, and new lessons.

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