Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Is The Best

For Mother's Day Kim Kardashian posted a special message about her mom, sister, and her feelings toward become a mother.

"As I’m counting the days until I finally get to be a mother, I’m a bit nervous and anxious but also excited knowing that I learned from the very best."

Many years ago while the Kardashian clan was trying to shop a reality show idea around to television stations, Kim Kardashian managed to make a sex tape with Ray J. that the public was exposed to. This sex tape sped up her rise to fame. Ever since then, Kim K. has had the spotlight on her. All she's had to do was be herself.

Who is Kim Kardashian? Today we know her as a beauty image. She's the celebrity that wears all the top name brand clothes. She is a reality star, which means we care about every single move she makes. Even if that move is to get married and divorced within a couple of months, we want to know every single detail. She is a woman who loves fast and hurts. In these ways, we can relate to Kim K. She is currently the most popular pregnant woman since Beyonce had Blue Ivy.

As much hate as Kim K. receive, you're probably laughing, but it's true. Her pregnancy is very popular. We were shocked when she first said she was dating Kanye West. Then a nickname was created, Kimye. See we liked Kim so much that we put her name in front of the couple combination nickname. Then we learned she was pregnant with his child and she didn't want a lot of media attention (although that's where her money comes from). We became even nosier.

Ever since Kim's pregnancy announcement we've been watching her belly grow and paying even more attention to her style of clothing. For instance we noticed when Kim K. slid into a $3000 Lanvin dress at 5 months pregnant. Clearly it was too small for her body. Zoe Saldana later put the dress on to show exactly how it is supposed to fit, but Kim K. in it was more entertaining.

We also noticed how Kim K. showed up at a charity event, the Met Gala, and took all the attention away from the actual event. All people would talk about was her dress. What did everyone else wear? None of that mattered. She killed a 70's couch, walked into an event, and made everyone stare.

What other pregnant woman could do this?

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