Friday, January 27, 2012

Draya Celebrates Her 27th Birthday

For her 27th birthday Draya wore a sexy purple dress that barely covered her breasts. Did you know that celebrities tape their breasts down to make sure they don't fall out of outfits like that? Anyway, at her star studded b-day celebration Draya had all of the men's attention. Check out pictures below.
Draya and Ray J
Draya and Omarion

Getting love in the club from some cute guy
Am I the only one that has noticed how comfortably out of the closet Omarion has become? Okay, you may be wondering why anyone would even discuss Draya. Well, on the reunion show of Basketball Wives of LA when asked how they felt about all the other girls Draya kept it real and said "Fuck all you Bitches." If she didn't say those exact words it was something like that and that saying makes her cool in my book.  

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