Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Obsessed Do You Get Over Celebrities?

I don't know how obsessed you are or how far you'd go for a  celebrity, but there are some people making some pretty brave moves for the stars they love. First there was a woman who tattooe'd Drake's name across her head so she could show him that her love is real. I don't think that's what Drake meant in his song, but she did. Then there was a man who stabbed someone because they didn't know Beyonce was pregnant. Now there's a woman who has legally changed her name to Kanye Resa West. 

Kanye Resa West was originally born with the name Linda Resa. However, after she ran into legal trouble trying to use Mrs. Kanye West as her name (she  loves Kanye that much), she legally changed it to Kanye West to avoid any more problems. To show Kanye West that her love is written in stone (or at least permanent) Mrs. Kanye West has also tattooe'd the name on her arm and butt. Check out the video where she explains her obsession below. 

story found at Gossip On This

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