Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Africa No Longer Matters~ The Big Huge Nonsensical Reality TV Fight

Marlo of Real Housewives Of Atlanta
I had writer's block until a few minutes ago. See the writer's block started around midnight last night, but ended when I read an article from yesterday. It was about Marlo, a newcomer to the television show Real Housewives Of Atlanta. In the article Marlo issued an apology for using a homophobic slur during a huge fight with Sheree on the television show. While her apology has probably touched the hearts of many people in the gay community, it didn't phase me. Upon reading her apology I was still shocked and quite frankly I'm still now trying to comprehend the whole fight. See that whole fight was something that even Halle Berry couldn't pull off if she was paid to do another role in a really ghetto movie. In case you didn't watch this is what happened.

The episode was about all of the women taking a trip to Africa. Their reasoning for going is because Africa is a place everyone and their dead ancestors are dying to visit. It's filled with lots of history that we should all be willing to learn and these women were excited to experience that history. At least they appeared to be excited before the show started.

Their excitement level seemed to go down a notch the moment they realized NeNe had invited Marlo on the trip. Before the airport arrival, no one knew Marlo would be going. In fact with 7 mugshots on her record, no one knew she could even leave the state, let alone go to a different continent. However, Marlo arrived and immediately began pissing people off.

While some of the women seemed genuinely excited about arriving in Africa, others were trying desperately to keep fake smiles on their faces and stay polite. One of those fake people was NeNe. The other was Marlo. Marlo didn't fit into the crew because no one really knew her. However, she was determined to try to fit in and her way of doing it was by giving etiquette lessons. In the midst of breakfast Marlo taught the other women how to eat. When on a boat where Phaedra was trying to give out facts about African history, Marlo was teaching the other women how to sit. Then towards the end of the day Marlo wanted to bring all the women together and try to dissolve some issues. Everyone looked like they were trying their best to keep from strangling Marlo. This was especially the case for Sheree.

Towards the end of the night Sheree decided she'd had enough African history lessons. She was ready to party and her party was exclusive. It was so exclusive that Marlo and NeNe did not get invitations. NeNe understood her lack of an invite, but Marlo did not. Marlo was calm about it until Cynthia decided to ask her and NeNe if it was okay that they would be by themselves. Or maybe Cynthia was asking permission to attend. I'm not sure, but the shit really hit the fan. Marlo had to teach one more etiquette course right before she lost of signs of being a lady.

This is where the big huge nonsensical reality television fight starts. This is the moment where Real Housewives will go down in history as the show that perfectly recorded black women at their most insane point. This is... well let me just describe it to my best ability.

It starts with Marlo asking if she's invited to the party. Sheree politely tells her no. Then Marlo calls Sheree ugly and throws a homophobic slur at her. Sheree is taken aback, but refuses to lose the battle of words. Screaming between both women erupts.

Kandi makes faces because she can't comprehend what Marlo and Sheree are fighting about. Pheadra starts doing her make-up because she doesn't want to even attempt to comprehend what is going on. Then Marlo and Sheree calm down just enough so that everyone can make sense of the words their throwing at each other.

Marlo says something about Sheree's kids sleeping on air mattresses, something about drug dealers at Onyx, about returning stuff to expensive malls, and about cars being repo'ed. Sheree throws out shots about old white sugar daddies, arrest records, and shows no signs of backing down. By this time NeNe has come down stairs and tries to act like a peace maker. She gets both women quiet for about 2 minutes and then the fighting starts again. Except the fighting gets crazier.

Instead of throwing words at each other, Marlo and Sheree starts making these cartoonistic (that's not a real word) faces at each other. It's so bad that it's hilarious. This is the moment where I fall out laughing and don't even remember what happened next.

I think the show ended with them still arguing. It was just so crazy and hilarious. There really are no words to perfectly describe that episode or Real Housewives Of Atlanta. I think on the next episode Marlo will say something like "She better google my charges." That's how I know that although they are in a magical place that many of us only dream of or picture only images of starving children, to them Africa no longer matters.

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