Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reevaluating Goals But Avoiding The Comfort Of Familiarity

Visions Of The Future: Reevaluating Goals But Avoiding The Comfort Of Familiarity

In my last post I highlighted on why Jakadrien Turner deserves some admiration and why my plans need to be reevaluated. However, updated news about Jakadrien's situation has led me to do further reevaluation. the updated news is that after she realized her lies would lead to deportation to Columbia she tried to tell the truth. However, neither the United States government nor the Columbian government believed her. After all many immigrants try to change their stories once they realize they're going back to their country. However, she wasn't from Columbia, but was forced to go all because she ran away from home and lied about her name. The consequence was ending up in a coma somehow and getting pregnant by a baby daddy she and the baby may never see again. WOW, just imagine if you thought you had this big bright idea of leaving familiarity for the unknown, went forward with it, and you experienced the worse possible outcome.

There's this one cuss word that absolutely scares me. It's so scary that I try to keep it out of my vocabulary at all costs. However, recently it found it's way resting gently on my heart for everyone to see. That word is "settling."

Settling essentially means getting comfortable with where you are, what you have and never striving for more. Settling is when a woman meet a nice guy and gets in a relationship with him just because he is nice. Settling is when a man goes to a car dealership and sees his dream car, but then buys another car just because it's cheaper. Settling is when parent's tell their children to strive for the jobs that easiest to get instead of the one that will make them happy. Settling is what crept into my mind a few days ago when I was at a weak point.

The idea was to come up with a plan B to make my future living situation comfortable. Plan A remains to move to a new state and start a career and life that makes me happy. However, this plan B would involve me apartment searching in Houston. The apartment search would end in me finding a comfortable one bedroom apartment and decorating it to my liking. Financially it would work because I'd already know that I'd have a steady income coming in to pay the rent. Realistically I'd still be in the city of familiarity and I'd essentially be settling.


While my goals need to be reevaluated to the point that they will successfully be achieved I don't want to change them to the point where I'm settling. I also don't want to end up like Jakadrien, pregnant in an unknown world and begging to come home.

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