Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Intellectual Tips: Friends W/ Benefits Is Like Sex In The Kitchen

As I try to  mold my blog into the purpose it was created for, I'm coming up with new ideas to write about. My new topic that I want to start on here will be a category called Intellectual Tips. In this category I'll diverge some information that you should probably know. That is if you don't already know about it. This information will also come from the new studies that I'm embarking on. Okay, the first tip is about friends with benefits.

Friends with Benefits is like having sex in the kitchen.

According to @KinkyFacts on twitter sex in the kitchen is urgent, frantic and fabulous. Friends with benefits is the same way. They are urgent because you have the around for emergency sexual and possibly friendly fulfillment. The relationship with them is frantic because it is always filled with an unexplained intensity. It's fabulous you're never supposed to feel disappointment with a friend with benefits.

The moment these feelings go away it means the benefit is no longer there and there is no longer a friendship.

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