Sunday, January 22, 2012

Poetic Heart: The Poet You'll Never Know

The Poet You’ll Never Know
By Lashuntrice aka Me 

Allow me to introduce myself
I’m the poet you’ll never know
Living in the dark
Never stepping into the light
Because I have this goal
But I’m constantly losing sight
My inner voice says
But others blind me with their opinions
It's the root of all evil
But necessary for survival
And what I want
What I need
My talent
My blessing
Because the world doesn’t know me
I haven’t been exposed
I can’t help but lack hope
Lose focus
And become just another lost soul
One that you’ll never know

Allow me to reintroduce myself
I’m the poet you’ll never know
Because I’m another lost soul
Stuck on the wrong path
Wrong place
Wrong time
Wrong mindset
Instead of doing what I know
I let others tell me how to grow
They guide me
Mislead me
Force me to live out their dreams
Then treat me badly
Because I’m constantly messing up
Losing focus
Stuck on what I don’t love
But someone once told me
“That’s the way love goes”
So I put on a mask
And I cherish my mistakes
Suck up my pain
Continue on the journey
Never quite succeed at whatever I’m doing
But it’s all because I’m a lost soul
One you’ll never know

Allow me to hide myself
Because I’m the poet you’ll never know
I used to bust the windows open from each and every place
It was the only way I knew to escape
Express myself
Be free from the harmful words that society would throw at me
But I gave up
And now I’m lost in confusion
Going in circles
Feeling so stupid, foolish because I lost my way
And “Kisha, Tisha, Courtney, Brandy,”
Is what I hear from day to day
Being called the wrong name
Because I’ve stolen someone else’s path
But feeling like it’s too late to get back on my path
Been doing wrong for too long
And that’s what lost souls do
Especially the ones you don’t know

Allow me to disappear and become another figment of your imagination. Don’t want you to see  right through me. The dreams, hopes, goals that I once had, don’t want you to see it. So allow me to become the poet you’ll never know, never see, never hear. Allow me the be just another lost soul. Allow me to become the one you’ll never know. 

This was a repost in case you had not already read it. Poetry is a passion of mine and this passion is the impact I want to leave behind. 

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