Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Reflections: Realizations And Never Ending Goals

At one point Barney was just a character on a television show. He sang really interesting songs, took children on really interesting adventures, and taught lessons. However, once I got older crazy things started to come out about Barney. For instance Barney gained a criminal record. He also became a smoker, which is disgusting. I still don't understand why when these cartoon/made up characters take breaks they always go for cigarettes. He also became a possible pedophile because no adult is supposed to be that in tune with children. Barney developed some real messed up issues. However, Barney wasn't the only character I had to open my eyes when it came to.

There was also the Teletubbies. I don't remember much about the Teletubbies, except they were cute little women that were always happy and carried there purses. However, one day I learned that they weren't women at all. They were men carrying purses on a network made to influence children. The Teletubbies were either gay or transvestites. That is actually not an issue. The issue is that homophobia is real and is constantly discussed in every media outlet in every way.

Another great character from a show is Lynn on Girlfriends. Lynn was the unemployed friend. She had a million college degrees, but could not find a job. Or Lynn may have refused to work on a couple of seasons. Due to lack of work and lots of debt, Lynn depended heavily on her friends. Sometimes they'd get irritated with her leaching, but for the most part Lynn survived. Sure she had struggles. There was one point where she was living in a garage because that was all she could afford. She also could never buy her own food because the money for it was just not in her hands. However, Lynn was just a character on a television show so none of it was really bad until I grew up. One day a couple years ago I woke up and discovered unemployment is real and those people on the side of the street begging for change are not doing it for fun.

With all that said I am employed, but I now have a huge fear of unemployment. I'm also in a space where I can mentally and physically grow more, but I have issues. The issues are real. They revolve around mental and physical claustrophobia, never having enough privacy, needing more attention, and never hearing someone say I'm finally good enough. See shit is real.

However, I've learned that once the realizations kick in there is no way to change them. Barney is a danger to children. The Teletubbies are educating children on gender choices before the children even realize their genders. Unemployment exists and will probably never go away. There is a 50/50 possibility that no one will ever make you feel like you are good enough.There are only ways to off-set the realizations for a little while. Those ways are with never-ending goals.

Now saying you will become a teacher or lawyer is not a never-ending goal. Once those goals get accomplished the proof is in the work you do. Never-ending goals are actually when you set plans that you have to continually do in order to get the full experience.

For instance one of my never-ending goals is to have fun. An example was yesterday. I spent some time in the mall buying and outfit to go out last night. Then I went to the club, Drink Houston, and had a great time. It was an achievement, but having fun is a continual experience. Therefore it is a never ending goal that will bring joy to my life.

What indefinite experience are you continually taking advantage of?

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