Monday, January 2, 2012

If I Shall Have A Baby...

No one knows when they are two weeks pregnant. However, after a little over a month and there's no signs of your period it's pretty easy to assume you might want to run to the store and grab a pregnancy test. But then again many of us women don't panic about not getting our periods until we're at least two months along. Then we are quickly panicking, trying to scramble up potential baby daddies, a boyfriend, or husband. Wait, let me backtrack.

Two to three months is the estimated time that you, or I would, realize there's a child in the oven. Four months is the deadline to get an abortion or to let that baby continue to grow in hopes that he/she will come out normal. However, before we even get to the step of realizing we've been knocked up there's a couple of things we women do in order for the pregnancy to happen anyway.

First we purposely stop taking the birth control pills. Birth control pills were created to both regulate periods (if they're irregular) and prevent pregnancy from happening. Now, there's only a 99.9% chance that most pills will successfully work, but the majority of the time if you, or I get knocked up, we've purposely stopped taking the pills.

However, before the baby even starts to form from lack of pills, there's condoms. Condoms are made to both prevent pregnancy and to protect us from sexually transmitted diseases. If you, or I, are not on birth control pills, then condoms are the wise choice to use. In fact, every man should have condoms in his house anyways. Most men always expect sex as soon as possible, so a condom should be there. However, if you, or I say forget about condom usage, then clearly we're ready for the worse or best.

But let's just say you, or I, do use a condom and it breaks. Condoms do break. Sometimes they break because men are being reckless, sometimes because women do it on purpose, and sometimes because they weren't meant for usage in the first place. For instance there's a commercial for a 40 percent thinner condom. Apparently it's suppose to increase pleasure, but I can't help but wonder if it increases the chances of it breaking also. Anyway, the point is if the condom shall break, there's a pill called Plan B.

The Plan B pill can be taken up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex, or in my pretend case, the condom breaking. However, if the condom does  break and I don't run for the plan B then it might just mean I'm ready for the consequences.

Now once the baby is there, choices are still available. Those are abortion and adoption. I'm not mad at anyone who goes through those processes, but they aren't for me. Despite the myth, I'll love and spoil my future kid. This should tell you all something. With every risk of getting pregnant, there's a back-up plan to avoid it. So, maybe, possibly, and truthfully everyone that you see getting pregnant and having children is doing it on purpose. Or maybe, I'm assuming too much.

So with all the options of making sure every woman in the world stays sexually satisfied and kid-free, if I were to get pregnant and have a precious little baby to love it would definitely be on purpose. Yes, I would have created that child on purpose, but for now I'm skinny and free of breast milk and diapers.

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