Friday, April 6, 2012

Burger King Pays Mary J. Blige $2 Million Then Gives Her An Apology

Did you hear that Mary J. Blige was paid $2 million to sing about chicken wraps, but then received an apology along with that?

It's Friday and I've missed a lot. One major news story was when Mary J. Blige confessed her love for Burger King's new chicken wraps.

You may be wondering why chicken wraps and Mary J. loving them is big news. Well, she doesn't just love them. Earlier this week a commercial was released of her singing a jingle, which is now being mocked by millions of youtube one-hit wonders. The minute the video was released fans and haters went berserk.

If you've been following the news for the past month, there's been a lot of controversy surrounding black people and stereotyping. And it's been no secret that the world has stereotyped black people as loving chicken. Burger King helped increase that with this jingle.

So this is how it all went down. Burger King paid Mary J. $2 million to single this jingle about loving their food. Supposedly it was leaked to the internet before the finished product. Fans and haters lost their minds with criticism. Mary J. felt the need to respond and then Burger King felt the need to apologize.

But wait.....she got paid. Why is Burger King sorry again? If you have not seen it watch the commercial below.

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