Monday, April 23, 2012

Michael Ealy Vs Morris Chestnut, Who Is Sexier?

So I went to see Think Like A Man. The commercials looked funny and the men looked yummy. Well, there were two men in the movie that became sort of a competition in looks. They were Michael Ealy, America's current eye candy obsession, and Morris Chestnut, America's classic eye candy obsession. However, they didn't realize they were competing. It all started with a woman that wasn't sure whether to chase after good looks and success or go for fineness and potential.

Michael Ealy had the potential. His character was fine, had a job, knew how to cook, and wanted to be a better man. Plus he looked sexy and incorporated food in sex. I wonder if that's really part of his personality. This 38 yr old (in real life) is also single and has had a lot of camera time in other recent movies. Remember Takers? He was hot in that movie too.

Then there was Morris Chestnut. His role in Think Like A Man was a cameo, but it was enough to remind us of his sexy chocolate body. He came onto the scene with that gorgeous smile, a relationship ready attitude, and the classic sexy black man look. Plus this currently 43 yr old has devoted his life to roles that remind us of his hotness.

So who is sexier? Hell, it doesn't matter. They both look delicious.

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