Monday, April 2, 2012

Giving Face, A Phrase I Just Learned

Giving Face
Giving Face is my new favorite phrase.

Every once in a while I hear a phrase that's very new. Well, it's not really new. It's slang used in a certain location, but not around the world. For example there's someone on my twitter line that always says if anyone needs him hit his jack. Without asking I automatically know he means his phone because of usage, but there are some phrases that aren't as easily to dissect. Giving Face is one of them.

No, this phrase is not nasty. Head is still the word used to do... well you already know. Giving face involves looking real pretty in the face. An example of the word usage is below.

"Every other Tuesday I give really good face."

Someone tweeted that recently and had to explain themselves after followers minds went straight to the gutter. But the explanation is cool. I'm adding this to my vocabulary, but unlike that person I give good face every single day.

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