Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pet Peeve: People Who Don't Have Time

There's this phenomenon going on. It's involves people who never have time for anything. This involves not having time to have fun, not having time to sit down and watch the news, not having time to go on the internet, not having time to breathe, but putting all their time into getting cash, but....

It's illegal for jobs to make people work that much.

This all start a while back when a friend told me I had too much time on my hands. Her reasoning was because of my blog posts, but I work more hours than her. How could I have too much time on my hands when she has more freedom? Maybe not financial freedom, but she can live a little more. Yet, l'm the one with too much time.

People use the excuse of never having enough time to justify not knowing the news. Why is there someone walking around that has no idea who Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman is? For real, recently E! News even dedicated 30 seconds to George Zimmerman's arrest and they are an entertainment show. Why is there a person claiming they love reality shows but if you mention Tami Roman they have no idea who she is? Why is there a person walking about claiming to love the club, but haven't been since 1999?

Then these people want to claim to be fun to be around. Yet, they have no idea what you're talking about when you bring anything up. Then they say you have too much time and claim they never have the time for anything.

Oh, but then if they feel like you're doing too much they will argue you down. They will tell you that you need to concentrate on work more. They will give you tips on being financially stable, becoming complacent, and forgetting there's a world to enjoy. I ain't into that though.

Yes, I used ain't in a sentence.

Ooh, if you're one of those people get your lives together. I just worked a full 8 hour day and I'm still taking the time to deliver this message to you. Stop acting like you're so busy and starting living.


You don't have to live. Just admit that you'd rather tread through life than actually enjoy moments like some of us. Be real. You have the time, but just don't want to use it.

Just in case you're wondering yes, I've been watching Oprah's Life Class. As of yesterday I'm about all stealing moments of enjoyment.

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