Friday, April 27, 2012

Letting It Go, DMX Sheds Tears And Changes My Life

Brandy cries, but DMX steals the spot light with a water fall of tears. 

Recently back to back as I watched Vh1 tears just flowed heavily across my television screen. It started with Brandy and her Unsung Behind The Music episode. She cried over an incident that most of us were already familiar with. It involved a fatal car crash that eventually forced her out of the spot light. For some reason I was just glad Brandy was finally discussing it, but the tears didn't move me too much. However, the tears that came after Brandy's changed my entire life.
Currently there's a show on Vh1 called Couple's Therapy and it features different celebrity couples trying to fix their problem. DMX and Tashera Simmons are one of the couples and their relationship issues were to first to be revealed. Their issues has been so intense that at one point DMX told his wife he never wanted to get married. That had to hurt her heart, because I felt the pain. However, after lots of counseling he confessed that the problem really went back to how his mother treated him as a child. 

His childhood was very messed up. According to him there were moments where he would get beatings while sleep and at a young age his mom abandoned him at a children's home. He never got over the pain until last night. It must be a popular clip to view too because Vh1 is not letting anyone embed it. Watch the video here

Okay, so coincidentally I'm also reading T.D. Jakes book Let It Go. He's also made appearances on Oprah's Life Class. While people have been letting go on that show it's nothing compared to the Let It Go message DMX sent to millions of viewers this week. I'm heavily moved. 

So did you watch the episode? How do you feel about thunderstorm DMX let out? 

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