Friday, April 27, 2012

Put It Down, My Childhood Idol Brandy Is Back

My childhood idol Brandy is making a comeback. After a successful Behind The Music special Brandy can finally start releasing music and be acknowledged. Wait, what about "It All Belongs To Me?"

Sorry, but the "It All Belongs To Me" song was signed sealed, and stamped with Monica's name all on it. Plus the episodes of "The Game" haven't had enough of Brandy's face. She might as well be just a guest and not one of the regular cast members. However, in music Brandy has made a huge impression in the past and it's time for her to shine again. She's getting her fresh start with a song called "Put It Down."

"Put It Down" is a grown and sexy song featuring Chris Brown.Listen below. 
Okay, as much as I love Brandy this should not have been her first single from the album. Plus I want to hear Brandy alone so she can really claim the song. Chris claimed this song more than she did. Hopefully she does better with the next release. Wait, I'm being a little harsh. After a couple more listens I'll be grooving and looking for a man that can "put it down."

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