Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kendra On Top Is Coming Soon

This summer Kendra Baskett, former girl next door, will grace television again with a new series called Kendra On Top. Why should you watch this show? Well according to Kendra it's because she's showcasing her imperfections and dealing with them.

"I think my show works because I show the world I’m not perfect. That’s my goal: to show the imperfections of life and how we deal with them."-- Kendra 

Cameras have been watching Kendra for a while. She first started on the hit show Girls Next Door. This show featured Hugh Heffner's girlfriends. From then Kendra was able to have her own show, which featured her moving from playboy model to wife and mom. Now after years of developing herself career and family life Kendra will be back and I'm excited for this show. Check out the preview below.

All of these divorced housewives shows are starting to get old anyway. Kendra On Top is supposed to premier in June. I'll be tuning in. 

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