Thursday, June 27, 2013

Andrea Kelly Discusses Humble Beginnings and New Season of Hollywood Exes

Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, has come a long way in her career. Before the first season of Hollywood exes she was known as the woman who married R. Kelly. However, Andrea has since grown through her divorce and started a career up in a brand new city.

During the first season of Hollywood Exes we saw Andrea Kelly trying to established herself in Los Angeles as a dancer. At that point she had moved from Chicago and was trying to get accustomed to her surroundings. As seen on television, she was also making new friends. Well, with a new season of Hollywood Exes starting up soon, Sister 2 Sister Magazine interviewed Ms. Kelly on her wardrobe preferences, coming from humble beginnings, a new season starting up, and much more. Below is some of what she told reporter Jamie Foster Brown. 

Coming From Humble Beginnings

"I grew up in humble beginnings. I grew up on the southside of Chicago, 35th and King Drive. It's crazy to think that this generation has no idea what government cheese is. They have no idea what it is to go and get powdered milk. My mom struggled to make ends meet-and my dad did- but it also taught me to survive, so I knew what it was like to be okay with it."

Walking Away From R. Kelly

"When I walked away, honey, I took me, my dream, and my babies. I started over. In no way will I say that I'm in an itty bitty house, by any means: It's 5,000-plus square feet. But that's good enough for me and my three babies. But you know, we're also from a house that took up a whole block. So I guess you really can't compare the two." 

Andrea on Not Focusing on Material Possessions

"We are really leading this next generation in a path that's a dead end, because we're teaching them happiness comes in things, and put your dreams in a man with money, not yourself and not God."

Season 2 of Hollywood Exes

"I think the first season was an intro into the world, especially for me. A lot of the world had no idea that there was a wife. But now it's like, okay, I introduced myself. Let me let you get to know me a little bit better."

Of all the women on Hollywood Exes, I'm here the most of Andrea Kelly. I always always an R. Kelly stan. Now it's time to be a fan of his ex-wife. There's a lot more to the interview. Like, did you know she choreographed all of his moves up until the Light It Up tour? Did you know that she and R. Kelly were married for 10 years, together for 13? She also explains her relationship with the other castmates. 

Side Note: 
The first season of Hollywood Exes really felt like a lot of bored ex-wives grasping for attention that really didn't need. They were boring though. This season looks like it'll be better. New to the cast will be Shamicka Lawrence, ex wife of Martin Lawrence. I want to know about the woman crazy enough to deal with Martin. 

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