Monday, June 10, 2013

Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas (Grave Loss)

In episode two of Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas, the couples go through the ultimate test of their love. If couple has to pretend the other is dead. The only thing that gets more serious than imagining your spouse dead is them actually dying. That one test alone should have brought these couple back together as one.

"Sometimes experiencing the loss of a loved one is the best way to save a marriage."

But these aren't ordinary marriages. They were initially broadcast all over television preparing to wed. Now years later they are back on television because those same attitudes are tearing them apart.

Kristen & Seth
Reminder Kristen and Seth's marriage is so bad they sleep in separate rooms. They are the first couple that get talked to and the way is by sitting them in front of a divorce attorney. Kristen was surprised because she does not want to be divorced. However, the lawyer made sure to bring out all issues that would come up in a divorce.

Remy & Rob
Remy and her husband

Porsha & Byron
Porsha makes more money than her husband, so the divorce lawyer said she would have to pay him alimony in a divorce.

Dani & Marlon
Danni has suffered from postpartum depression, so the lawyer would say in a divorce she would be turned into a horrible mom. However, Danni is determined to make the marriage work no matter what. Marlon finally speaks up and says he does not want a divorce either. They're progressing.

Melissa & Chris
Melissa and Chris start arguing over child custody in the divorce lawyers office. It is supposed to be a conversation, but these two are taking it way more serious.

The marriage counselors said making each couple mad at each other was the point of the divorce lawyer. The next exercise is called "The Write Stuff." In this exercise each person writes what they love and hate about their spouse.

Remi & Rob
Remy discovered that she loves Rob more than she hates him. The thing about these two is their personalities are very much alike. Maybe that is why they were attracted to each other in the first place.

Porsha & Byron
Porsha was quick to write out what she doesn't like about Byron. She can't even talk without mentioning what he does to get on her nerves.

Fresh from the writing exercise the marriage counselors take the couples straight to the funeral home and tells them to get in the caskets.

Remy & Rob
Rob is the first one to be in the casket. The letter Remy wrote earlier had to be read in front of a bunch of people. Her letter was actually very positive. As she was crying, Rob was in the casket saying what angered him about her. Cold World.

Kirsten & Rob
As Rob was in the casket Kirsten dropped a bathtub full of tears. Then they exchanged loving words.

Porsha & Byron
From Porsha's letter, it is clear she loves him. Byron loves her too. She said seeing him in the casket made her appreciate him more.

Dani & Marlon
For Dani and Marlon, Dani had to get in the casket. It is clear he's the problem. Marlon had just lost family member, so the exercise was the hardest on him. He started crying while he was reading his letter. Dani then broke into tears. All she wanted was for him to open up more and he did.

Melissa & Chris
Melissa also needed to get in the coffin. She absolutely confused. They tried to explain to her that the exercise was for her husband to appreciate her more, but she did not care. Melissa just thought the whole thing was a sick joke. Yet, she was there getting help on her marriage.

The counselors are the Carroll's. In absolutely no way are they dumb. They were mad that Chris and Melissa refused to participate, but they had another goal for them.

Every exercise was designed to rekindle the emotions in each person's marriage. From the looks of things it all worked. Well, except for Melissa and Chris since they did not do the exercise. Also Kirsten was told she had not changed at all and she was using her tears to escape the real issue.

On the other hand Porsha and Byron opened up more. However, Chris and Melissa were told they almost got kicked out. Remy and Rob were told they made progress by the Mrs. Carroll. Dr. Caroll told each of them that they were selfish and dumb.

These are all some hard exercises. How far would you go to hold onto your spouse?

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