Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Comes After The Blogging Conference?

Hello everyone, my name is Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley. On social networks (twitter & instagram) you know me better as @mrsstarstatus. I've been perfecting the idea of a writing career since before I knew I could turn my writing into a career. I'm a nerd when it comes to reading, but don't be confused. I'm not scientifically or mathematically smart. 

Wait, all you really need to know at this particular time is I'm a writer who likes to test how far her imagination can go. Most times I test my imagination by writing poetry. The poetry is explicitly based on exaggerations of real life experiences or stories I've been told by others. I've also had struggles with making my dreams come true and getting inspiration from those that have known me the longest. So I guess I result to bonding with strangers on the internet and stalking celebrity life. Don't these celebrities seem like they have it made financially? Oh, I almost forgot in a couple of weeks I'll be attending Blogging While Brown 2013 Conference. 

This is actually the first writers conference I've been able to afford to attend. I'm super excited and ready to meet as many other bloggers as possible. There's one problem though. What happens after the conference? 

I won't have any money for more writers conferences this year. I'm not asking for financial help. The rest of my vacation time will have to be used sparingly. The blog will stay updated, but what is next? 

Honestly, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo that mirrors my crazy unpredictable journey so far. However, even that will have to wait until a little more money is saved up. What would you do if it seems like after a big event, your life is coming to another halt? 

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