Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rasheeda~ Hit It From The Back Music Video

In all of her pregnant glory, Rasheeda has released her latest music video for a song titled Hit It From The Back. 

Did you watch Monday's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Well, the recap is Rasheeda wanted to move on with her career. She didn't just want to focus on cosmetics and her online store. She also wanted to focus on her music career. Everyone else thought she was crazy, especially Debra Antney. 

When Rasheeda approached Deb with a noticeable belly, Deb looked her at like she was crazy. Whose backing pregnant women not named Beyonce in the music industry? Rasheeda didn't care though. She went on with making a video. She was so business minded that she didn't even let Kirk's crazy antics stop her. Deb thought the whole thing looked crazy. I can imagine since Kirk was arguing with Rasheeda in front of everyone and her pregnancy was very apparent. 

However, the video has been released. It looks pretty decent considering the circumstances. 

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