Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Side Chick (Poem)

Someone on twitter recently said that we women can get into relationships with men if we really want them. We just have to deal with the fact that we might not be the only woman. I think I've been side-chicked before, so I wrote this poem called Side Chick. I was also listening to Wale/Rihanna's version of Bad and Tiara Thomas updated version so there's more inspiration. Read below. 

Is it bad that I’ve never made love
I’ve never felt it
But I’m here with you
You’re talking real explicit
Saying “Drop the good girl act
You don’t want to be a girl friend
Just play the side chick
Tonight’s the night
No more innocence
Step out the sneakers
And leave the pants at home
Step into a short dress
Make sure it’s easy to slip off”
Is it bad that you’re tempting
Your soft brown skin
And that cologne you wear
It makes me want to get closer
And especially when you haven’t shaved
The stubble on your chin
I just want to feel it
And is it bad that the words you say
That you’ve never been with a girl like me before
And you really don’t want to
But you just can’t leave me alone
Although you’re not a chaser
And there’s another girl by your side
She’s a ride or die chick
While I’m a every once in a while chick
I can’t figure out how to ignore you
Is it bad that I question if love even exists because you make me give up all faith in love and relationships, give up the good girl lifestyle, no more wishing for monogamous commitment, just take whatever I can get, even if that means settling for being the side chick? 

(Side Chick is dedicated to the loss of my monogamous innocence. )

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