Monday, June 10, 2013

The Purge Movie Review (Spoiler)

If you are into the thought of people going around killing and torturing others with no consequence, then The Purge is the movie for you.

The Purge was based in the year 2022. Currently crime and homelessness is atrocious, but this movie convinces us that the government finds a way to control crime. The answer is by making crime legal for 12 hours every year. During those 12 hours citizens across the United States releases their pent up energy by killing. They carry knives, guns, and whatever other kinds of weapons they can think of.

You might be thinking "What about God?" There is no God in this movie. Instead Americans worship "The New Founding Fathers." Every year during the purge, a special announcement is broadcast on television. There's a purge marathon going on inside homes while outside people are being brutally murdered. Oh and if houses are not protected it is legal to break in and kill residents during those 12 hours also. This movie is super violent.

It's a simple invasion. The people getting invaded are the Sandins, a family of four. James Sandin, the father, has sold the neighborhood the ultimate security system to keep them all safe from the purge. He has made so much money that his family added on to their already nice house. This has left neighbors feeling salty.

Although neighbors are jealous, the Sandins aren't worried. They buy flowers to represent their support of the purge, but they don't actually condone the violence. They'd rather being a happy boring family. However, it's a horror movie so that is not possible. The craziness pops off when the son saves a homeless man from being murdered, but from then on the whole family gets attacked. The purgers infiltrate their security system and aim to kill.

Before going any further the sight of the homeless guy pissed me the fuck off. First reason is because he was black, but everyone was afraid of him except the youngest child. The black man just wanted to live. The second is the purgers called him a pig. That was ultimate racism toward a black man. Cops are pigs.

So a black man's life is saved. Before the purgers officially strike, the daughter's boyfriend tries to kill the father. The father shoots first and her boyfriend dies. Then the black man plays hide and seek throughout the movie as the purgers tear the house to pieces. Let's stop right there. You can probably predict how the rest of the movie goes and who becomes the hero of it all.

This was a weird ass movie. My initial thoughts were psychotic rich ass white people that have nothing better to do with their lives. These were rich white people letting off steam by killing people just because they could not get in trouble for 12 hours. Oh, these killers were teenagers and next door neighbors. Plus the movie was predictable. The only way The Purge could have avoided predictable-ness was if M. Night Shyamalan would have written the script. However, he didn't.

I must say I liked it though, except for the end. The end of every horror movie made since 2005 has been super whack. This problem needs to be fixed.

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