Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dirty Laundry (Sunday Reflections)

"This is off the record. This ain't for no radio. This ain't for no sales no. I'm just trying to let a mothafucka know."-- R. Kelly

This is a letter to my 30 year old self. In approximately 3 and a half years I'll reach that age, so I currently feel like I need to get some stuff off my chest. This is partially because I realize some of my goals are starting to come to fruition. So let me talk to my 30 year old self who will have gotten farther than I am now.

Dear 30 year old Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley,
It's three and a half years ago. Some years ago you decided to call yourself MrsStarStatus. You hopped on every social network ever invented to try and optimize that name, but the optimization wasn't the point. The point was to establish yourself in the game, but not just to establish yourself. The point was to let others know that you were planning to one day be married to the lifestyle. You had some bumps in the road. Your feelings got hurt, you hurt feelings, and you shed silent tears on more than one occasion. Where you tried to create a successful journey, you ended up with some dirty laundry. You moved along, but forgot to wash some of those clothes. You decided you didn't need laundry detergent to continue on your path. You decided to live with your faults, leave some people in the past, and keep the ones that still seemed to care. Did I mention it's three and a half years ago. Currently I'm calm and determined. Well, sometimes I worry which is where you come from. I wonder what will have happened once I become you? I think about you. See you in three and a half years.


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