Friday, June 7, 2013

Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas

The Bridezillas franchise is only 10 years old, but marriages are on the verge of falling apart.

On a new show called Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas a counseling team (husband and wife) will attempt to save five marriages on the verge of falling apart. The beginning of all these marriages were broadcast on Bridezillas. That means everyone and the world knew who they were marrying. Let's reintroduce each couple.

There is Danni. When she was first introduced to us, she was no short of a B-I-T-C-H. No one was upstaging Danni. After being married her husband doesn't feel like she's the best at everything, or he makes her feel that way.

Porsha is the self proclaimed Diva Zilla. She is absolutely hilarious, but reminds her husband he knew who he was marrying when he put a ring on it.

Both Remy and her husband are very self absorbed. During the Bridezilla episode he was putting makeup on himself. On this show she admits to being very selfish.

Melissa is the domesticated one. I think there's some infidelity going on in that marriage. In her audition tape, she reveals she likes to party and has done some unnecessary sneaky stuff.

Kirsten is a big ball of talent and in the first episode others mock her talent. She deals with their issues by immediately grabbing the bottle of alcohol. Then it gets worse. During movie night, her husband reveals that he is not as passionate. He's also thought about giving up on the marriage.

The first episode was just to re-introduce everyone. The second episode comes on tonight. The women are supposed to play dead in an attempt to fix their marriage. Ooh!

While this is all some craziness, I'm here for making marriages last longer.

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