Friday, June 28, 2013

Open Letter To George Zimmerman

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Dear George Zimmerman,
A little over a year ago it became apparent to the world that you have a problem with black men. Well, black teenage boys even look suspicious to you. They disturb you so much that you killed a 17 year old boy who was walking down the street minding his own business. You were told by the police to leave him alone, but you ignored their request. You told the police exactly what happened after you killed Trayvon Martin and the department even failed to do their job. You then thought you had gotten away with murder. WRONG!

A little over a year later you are sitting in court now trying to plead self defense. At least that might be what is happening in this messed up case. It seems as if everyone is on trial but you.

Rachel Jeantel, a key witness, is on trial because of her dialect. English is not her first language, so people want to judge her for that.

T-Mobile people are on trial, but we already knew their services were messed up.

Neighbors are on trial because they were not sure who they heard screaming.

The words "nigga" and "cracker" are on trial even though no one in the courtroom wants to call this a race-based case.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton's parenting is on trial, but that's irrelevant to the case.

Languages are on trial. The English language, Creole, and spanish, and even cursive writing have been put on the stand for discussion.

When the police initially messed up, you thought you were free. Then the case hit television stations and there was no other option than to charge you with murder. After all, you killed someone. Oh wait, you haven't been charged yet. That's what this trial is for.

Zimmerman, while everyone his getting on the stand and being made to look like fools you sit smugly in your chair. Do you feel anything? Is there a hint of guilt inside of you? You killed someone. Does your mind realize that? Have you at any point thought about the fact that you were not defending yourself when you pulled a gun on Trayvon Martin?

I'm so tired of this case. It is not just embarrassing to the witnesses getting on the stand, or the women forced to listen to non-sense because someone wants to take their minds off the fact that you weren't standing your ground, or even the lawyer who has to defend you while he persecutes the dead. It is embarrassing to all of us. It makes us all look dumb.

So when will this all end? What is this really about? I'm not asking for you to just confessing to killing a boy because he was black. I'd stand my ground too, but stop embarrassing us all by putting everyone else on trial. This is not about anyone but you. Face the man in the mirror and give in to the guilt already.

I'm so over this whole case
Lashuntrice Bradley

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  1. I'm a white guy who doesn't believe race is a factor in this case. It was Trayvon Martin who was defending himself against someone stalking and following him and George Zimmerman should be found guilty of murder but I don't think race was or is an issue. Zimmerman would've probably thought any young person white or black "suspicious" he is an overzealous wanna be cop turned murderer.