Sunday, June 2, 2013

Possibilities (Poem)

I've been given a dream
But what to do with it
That girl wants to be a doctor
She's gonna do it
The other is good at photography
Her pictures are starting to make her money
I've been given a dream
But am I even good at it
One person tells me yes
"Go for it"
But someone else says no
"It's safer to stray away"
There are stories of people who've tried
And they continuously fail
But I've been given a dream
and I want to chase it
Should I
That poet is really good
Could I create words just as powerful
Or maybe a newspaper writer is my lane
Could I write about local crime
Or festivals coming to town
Or should I create personality profiles
Just enjoy the thought of allowing others to shine
But newspapers are moving to the internet
What does it take to do online journalism?
In a world of creativity does my opinion finally matter?
Could I create a blog
Fill it up with just my opinion on every day struggles
Would you read
Take the time to acknowledge my site
Offer more for me to write about
Or give tips to help me on this journey
I've been given a dream
And I want to be an example
Show others that they too can succeed
But I'm not sure how to start
Once I start on one dream
And it just so happens to get achieved
There will be another waiting around the corner
Is the world ready for me
I'm not sure how prepared I am to face the possibilities

I finished The Dream Giver book. However, before getting to the end I already knew what was coming. I've read. Now it's time to put everything in action. I've already handled the beginning. This blog has been in existence since December 2008. Part of me wanted to keep that poem to myself. There's a lot of doubt within it, but another part knows that sharing my fears is not an issue.

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  1. Love it! Keeping moving forward and doing what you love :-)