Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Changes And Progression

I snapped a quick picture of the view from my bedroom window upon waking up. There's a huge tree out there. I've seen it go through every stage of change. Currently it's in full blossom mode. The leaves are green, birds are flying around it, and every now and then it blows in the wind. Not long ago it was a shedding tree though. 

Leaves were everywhere except on it. As the leaves covered the ground, the children sometimes abandoned their toys to play in them. They would take a broom, sweep all the leaves up, and then jump in the piles. The tree would remain in its place. There was no complaining as it did what it was supposed to do. This is one reason why I have my complaints and my confusion about life. 

I know I'm meant to change. I'm meant to see beautiful places, create beautiful pictures through words for you all to understand, and to live to my full potential. I'm meant to blossom, shed old layers, and blossom to become someone even more amazing. I just never understand why people fight to keep things to same.

We all to a point get mad when Facebook makes a new change to the website. Everyone was pissed when twitter decided to take away the black background feed and unfortunately the background photo too. Wait, let's move away from social media.

Unless it is chopped down, a tree never moves from its original place. It does all of it's changing in one central location. As humans, we have something trees don't. We have the potential to really explore the world. We can either stay in one central location and grow until there's no more growth left inside of us, or we can grow in different atmospheres. The problem comes when you finally decide to grow some more and people fight that growth. 

It's been some years now and I can still feel people fighting my growth potential. They fight with the idea of me deserving romance. "Why are you single?" the men ask knowing they don't want to be the ones to claim me. "This is what I think you should do with your life," some random person, or even a loved one, throws out even though they know I have my heart set on where I want to go from here. "Why don't you want to do this?" someone who has missed all of my hard work towards what I want to do asks. 

I often wander when the day will come that I'll be able to make my changes and no one fights me over them. No one is fighting with the tree because it sheds leaves and then re-grows stronger ones. While we get annoyed with the birds, no one tells the birds to stop pooping on cars. No one definitely bothers a black cat when it is walking across their path. They leave the cat to go on to its next destination. I'm praying that my journey will start to become easier. It'll be filled with more support, more money, and perhaps no naysayers. 

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