Friday, April 18, 2014

The "How To Love Me" Cheat Sheet Challenge

Necole Kane ( has created a great idea for getting men to understand us more. The exercise is to have friends make cliff notes for the man (or men) who will try to win over your heart in the future. I think it's a cool exercise. 

Over and over again men keep saying we women are difficult to love. They can't figure us out, so we find ourselves single for another year. Or is that just my story? The problem is men don't know how to love us. Some approach every single woman the same exact way and that's just not how it works. Each of us has different values, different needs, and different paths we're walking down. 

For instance while I want to experience a family of my own, achieving my goals is more important. Take notes men. I hope a few of my friends will be willing to participate. Not only does this help men out, but it helps us women gain a better understanding of ourselves. 

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