Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dream (Poem)

In an attempt to escape the normal routines
And block out the voices of all the people shouting her name
Whether it's someone new trying to control her life
They know just what she should be focused on
But care nothing about what she is most passionate about
Or the new guy that finds her attractive
He does everything it takes to get her attention
Meeting up a couple of times
And finding her on social media
Saying everything he thinks she wants to hear
Just to eventually get bored and disappear
She looks for solace within herself

Even if that means creating a world all on her own
A place where only she exists
Whether it consists of four white padded walls
And room after room resembles each other
And within each room lays the same assignment
To repeat day in and day out
But instead of her being locked up
Stuck in a realm of repetitiveness
It's everyone else looking and admiring her freedom

She creates a story so beautiful
A life she only wishes she was living
Something like Rick Ross
The girl who started all the way at the bottom
Maybe it was a strip club in the hood
Dancing for dollars at a time
Barely making enough to get by
Until one day she becomes super successful
Has more money than most people can imagine
And her past is no longer a lie
It's a reality that many believe
Although she has no answer for how she made it
When they ask she just shrugs
That's all they need to know

She looks for peace
She searches out beauty in the world
But when she can't find it she'll continue to dream

My theme is writing a poem from listening to a popular song out, but today is a little off topic.

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