Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Emotional Illusion (Poem)

And if someone should ask
I left my heart with him
I gave him all my love
And all the hugs a girl could offer
And all the cuddling a girl could want for
He's now the keeper of my most genuine kisses
So I can perfectly wear my red lipstick
Can't fight the feeling of being wild and free
Since he holds the key to my most passionate lovemaking
I can now give you wild, unadulterated fucking
We can do it behind an abandoned building
Or after the club if we're drunk enough
Or just leave the flirting to twitter
As we entice each other's timelines with thirst traps
And feed each other's minds with less than 140 characters
Talking about how I want to get one of my follower alone
Juvenile's Slow Motion could be the soundtrack to our night
And we'll be sexing all night
Or at least until we get tired
And go our separate ways
Because neither of us can get attached
He took the key to my emotions and locked it up
So just as soon as I fall into your world…

It's officially National Poetry Month. I'm going to try and give you as much creativity as possible. Join me.

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