Monday, April 14, 2014

Hold On Tight (Poem)

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Hold on tight
I'm not for the faint of heart
If you follow me, we're going for a ride

My love is not smooth
Can you handle bumpy roads
Dealing with ignored requests
I was too busy
I really needed to rest
Plus you're not the biggest passion on my list

And anger left unexpressed
It's the same shit over and over again
You made the plans
But when it was time to go on the date
You disappeared
Days later we pretend it never happened
Just like that girl I saw you with
Didn't we become official
I'm supposed to be your one and only
And yet I say nothing
Just let it all build up
Don't be surprised the day I explode

Hold on tight
Sometimes you'll be confused
As we're chilling at construction sites
Trying to fix the issues we have
Or at least see if they're fixable
Sure the sex is great
But after you've made me cry
And after I've called you every name in the book
Is love what we're really making

Hold on tight
You don't want to look like a weak man
Cursing every girl that comes after me
So angry with one experience you can't move on
She's not a Bird
Just another young black woman looking for love
So give her that
And don't worry about me
I'll be alright

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