Friday, April 25, 2014

No Expectations (Poem)

This poem is for the men that struggle with chivalry.

"Cause I love your dick. I talk to it. I wipe it down, get a towel for it."-- K. Michelle
screenshot from the video, not me 

You need a real girl, one that understands your world…No expectations, you don't want to play the games, taking a girl wherever she wants, dinner and a movie is so overrated when all you wanna know is what it looks like under them panties…Don't be surprised when I give it up easily, replying to your question with alright, your place or mine, like Betty Wright said tonight is the night…Been playing hard to get for so long, keeping up with standards, missing out on sexual pleasure just to prove I can be a good girl, but fuck it…No expectations, while you planning to make your move I'm waiting…So come on, throw that dick my way, cause you're a real nigga and I see qualities in you…I know you come with a big ego and I have to stroke it in different ways to show you that its real…

Let me stop before someone believes I'm that easy. This one was inspired by Studio by School Boy Q and of course the best first-time sex song of all time, Tonight Is The Night, was referenced. Of course the quote is from K. Michelle.

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